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The Vijay Amritraj Foundation
is proud to have funded these Charities

We greatfully thank you for your continued support in helping us make a real difference in the
lives of those who truly need a helping hand.

Please click on the charity name to learn more about the charity

(providing rescue to children sold into prostitution)

PARIKRMA HUMANITY FOUNDATION (providing health care and education to children in slums)

MITRA JYOTHI (providing education and life skills to blind women)

NAZ FOUNDATION (providing pediatric HIV/AIDS care and education)

ST. VINCENTS HOME FOR AIDS PATIENTS (providing a safe living environment and health care)

SHANTIPURAM (providing shelter and health care for the mentally ill)

CENTER FOR THE AGED (providing shelter and health care for the abandoned elderly)

SAMRAKSHAN ORPHANAGE (providing shelter, health care and education)

ANEW (providing life skill and employment for destitute women)

SRI POORNA MAHAMERU TRUST (providing care to destitute elderly)

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA MEDICAL MISSION (providing universal health care to rural villagers)

SRI RAMACHANDRA MEDICAL COLLEGE (providing surgeries to destitute villagers)

RAJAN EYE INSTITUTE (restoring sight to the blind)

CHILDREN OF MOTHER EARTH  COME houses 200 children in India, aged between 2 and 16, who have left their homes and school due to poverty,broken families and inappropriate guidance. Most are orphans and abandoned children. Once they have left the support of their family, the children often begin a life of destruction by committing theft, begging and wandering aimlessly.

Due to the lack of fundamental care(love, security and a sense of belonging) they leave their villages in an attempt to survive, moving to the city and looking for a means to earn a living for food. When they meet with failure and hunger (which they often do), they adopt various methods for their existence, frequently becoming delinquent, on-the-run and substance-abusers.

Good education and a stable home iscritical in order to break this vicious social cycle. COME believes the ideal way to address the core issue is to bring structured education and opportunities to the orphans and underprivileged children at the source – in the villages before they leave for the city life. It is extremely difficult to save a child once he or she goes to the city and is exposed toundesirable elements.

COME’s long term plan is always to integrate these children into society to become responsible citizens with asense of self pride, confidence and balance.


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